Cartoon Paintings
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Advanced drawing lessons featuring cool cartoon paintings. A software like Painter from Corel may be required to complete these tutorials.
Learn how to draw a cute cartoon cowboy by following the link from this illustration.

Cowboy drawing (Cartoon painting)

Enjoy a nice cowboy drawing in this painting tutorial made especially for digital artists!

Santa caught in a snowstorm? Seems like it's the case!

Santa drawing (Cartoon painting)

This Santa drawing represents the fear of all kids: what would happen if Santa was caught in a big snowstorm?

No need to go deep underwater to learn how to draw this funny cartoon octopus.

Octopus drawing (Cartoon painting)

Learn how to draw a complex octopus drawing filled with shadows, reflections and personality!

This creepy vampire will do anything to find blood! :)

Vampire drawing (Cartoon painting)

Warm colors, simple lines and nice shadows are featured in this cool drawing lesson.

Head drawing (Cartoon painting)

This ferocious cartoon dinosaur is the subject of this original painting tutorial.

Dinosaur drawing (Cartoon painting)

Learn how to draw a cool dinosaur drawing featuring a great T-rex filled with nice textures and a simple background!

It's dark ... It's creepy ... It's Scrooge!

Cartoon scrooge (Cartoon painting)

Enjoy a cute earth drawing in this advanced drawing tutorial.

Earth drawing (Cartoon painting)

Learn how to create this superb earth drawing using only a painting software and a few basic tips!