Animals (Easy Tutorial)
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Great list of easy drawing lessons featuring cartoon animals from the wild and farm animals. Most of these tutorials can be achieved by anyone.
Drawing tutorial featuring a massive cartoon moose.

Drawing a cartoon moose

Easy to draw cartoon worm with a nice head and charming eyebrows.

Drawing a cartoon worm

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Cute cartoon whale made from a large rectangle and small oval shapes.

Drawing a cartoon whale

I love to draw cartoon crabs! You should give it a try! :)

Drawing a cartoon crab

Cute cartoon lobster that won't end up in someone's plate! ;)

Drawing a cartoon lobster

Cute cartoon rhino sketched with dark outlines and colored in grey.

Drawing a cartoon rhino

For you, a nice cartoon squirrel ready to be sketched.

Drawing a cartoon squirrel

Colorful cartoon bear sitting and waiting for an artist to draw it.

Drawing a cartoon bear

Learn how to draw a cartoon bear that won't eat honey and won't scare the hell out of you while eating outside!

Nice little cartoon wolf with tiny ears and a large tail.

Drawing a cartoon wolf

Nice little cartoon wolf with tiny ears and a large tail.

Long teeth ... large tail .. funny head ... cartoon beaver!

Drawing a cartoon beaver

Learn how to draw a cartoon beaver that won't build dams and put your security at risk!

Weird cartoon squid made from curved lines and colored in pink.

Drawing a cartoon squid

Learn how to draw a nice and pink cartoon squid with eight arms and two tentacles!

Smile little cartoon fox! We just want to draw you!

Drawing a cartoon fox

Learn how to draw a cartoon fox that will look funny and amusing in no time! This is a very easy tutorial!

Easy cartoon tuna that you can draw using this fun tutorial.

Drawing a cartoon tuna

Learn how to draw a nice and blue cartoon tuna with a slim body and a funny look!

Don't steal my stuff cartoon raccoon.

How to draw a raccoon

Learn how to draw a raccoon that won't spend all its time in your garbage!