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an article about glow in the dark cats
One step closer to our lorde and savior Nyan.
Kangaroo, Pandas, Nature, Long Eared Jerboa, Rodents, Animal Facts, Fun Facts About Animals, Ostrich Legs
17 Fun Facts About Animals That Might Surprise You
two screenshots showing different types of fish
Oldest of boys
an old man playing a trumpet with the caption that reads, my full name is jack leroller this is two weeks after
Lets make music, not war. - Funny
an aerial view of two ships in the ocean with captioning below that reads,
Ocean farts | Tumblr
a newspaper article with an image of a machine and the caption that reads,
Tumblr Dump Numero 7
an image of a lake with trees and sky in the background that reads, i look this picture of the water but if you flip it looks like to look a picture of the sky and
This picture looks like it's a picture of the sky when flipped upsidedown.
Ancient History Facts, Mysteries Of The World, History Facts Interesting, Mystery Of History, Ancient Mysteries, Science Facts
Are The "Chachapoya Clouds Warriors" Of Ancient Peru Descendants Of Indo Europeans
an image of the body of a woman in a glass case with text on it
Xin Zhui, also known as Lady Dai— a 2000 years old mummy
there is a monument in georgia which gives instructions in 8 languages
georgia guidestones wtf fun facts
the curse of king tutanhananun poster with information about it and other details
The Curse of King Tutankhamun
a bird sitting on top of a body of water with the caption wildlife photographer snaps shot of'never - before - seen'yellow penguin trib
New York Post @ POST @nypost Wildlife photographer snaps shot of 'never-before-seen' yellow penguin - iFunny