Knock Knock Pad - Things you do that Really Piss Me Off

Knock Knock's Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off pad is a funny checklist of pet peeves. An ironic, memorable gift for friends and family.

Knock Knock Pad - Things you do that Make me Happy

Knock Knock Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy Notepads are funny checklist pads. Knock Knock notepads are perfect gifts for husbands, boyfriends, family.

Knock Knock Pad - Things to do around the House

Knock Knock Things to Do Around the House notepad lets you track your household to-do list or honey-do list. This pad makes a useful household gift.

Knock Knock Pad - Shit list

Knock Knock Shit List notepad is a cheap funny novelty gift memo pad to track those who cross you! Find funny novelty gifts for friends from Knock Knock.

Knock Knock Pad - Self-Therapy

Knock Knock Self-Therapy Pad is a step-by-step notepad to guide you through every problem (with humor!) A great, inexpensive gift for friends and family.

Knock Knock Pad - Hey Asshole

Knock Knock Hey Asshole Pad is a funny novelty gift for guys, girls. Our bestselling irreverent, novelty items. Hey Asshole pad is the perfect gag gift.

Knock Knock Pad - Get Some Sleep

Knock Knock's Get Some Sleep Pad is a checklist pad for nightly to-dos such as "Brush Teeth" and for tomorrow's checklist.

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