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cross - stitch pattern book with pictures of birds and flowers
���� #43 - Palestian Embrodery 02 - kippariss
a cross stitch bookmark with an image of a dog in the center and numbers on it
an image of a black and white pixellated pattern with dots in the shape of a frog
cross stitch christmas pattern with reindeers and snowflakes in blue on a white background
Knitting Scheme Photos, Images and Pictures
a cross stitch pattern with red and white flowers on the bottom, and an arrow in the middle
a cross stitch pattern with words and symbols
Iceland - It Was A Work of Craft
a cross stitch christmas tree with red and white squares in the shape of an ornament
an old book with birds on it
���� #11 - ABC, Motifs, Borders - Summerville
a cross stitch pattern with birds in different sizes and colors on the bottom half of it