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an arabic quote with the words,'patience is beautiful'in black and white
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Religious Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Dont Lose Hope, Prayer Quote Islam, Religion Quotes
Islam is my life الاسلام هو حياتي
an arabic text on a beige background with the words always thank god in two languages
Inspirational Islamic Quotes: Photo
an arabic quote on white paper with the words do good and god will come to you
Do good and good will come to you
arabic calligraphy written in black ink on white paper with the words,'verily with every hardship comes ease '
200+ Beautiful Quran Quotes, Verses & Surah [WITH PICTURES]
Thoughts, Wisdom Quotes, Arabic Quotes With Translation
an arabic quote with the words treat people with your manners, not theirs
abeauutifulpatience: Photo
a piece of paper that has some writing on it with an image of a bird in the background
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