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how to make a concrete leaf - shaped bird bath in your garden or yard with this step by step guide
How to Make a Concrete Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath
Welcome the birds into your garden with a concrete leaf-shaped bird bath. Not only does this project bring in the chirps, but it also beautifies your garden.
two pictures with different types of sinks and plants on them, one is made out of metal
DIY Hook on Balcony Desk
Your balcony holds so much potential. The fresh air, the view– but, it has such limited space. This DIY hook on balcony desk allows you to dine or work under the sky and stars! You do not have to worry about the space because of the design…
a small wooden shed with the words, the wild west comes to the backyard
The Wild West Comes to the Backyard!
Old saloons from the wild wild west take us back in time. The good news is you can take that blast to the past right in your backyard with this saloon-inspired playhouse. It’s a refreshing take on your kids’ usual fort or cubby. This household’s version is a perf example of resourceful and detail-oriented practices of DIY. Because they didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a custom installation, they invested their time, effort, creativity, and skill in this project. Read all about the inspiring work here.
the steps are made out of wood and have plants growing in them, along with other landscaping
Retaining Wall Ideas
Retaining walls are not only a functional structure but also adds to the overall visual appeal. On top of that, a well-made wall also increases the property value. Browse some ideas on how you can incorporate a pretty and practical retaining wall into your property.
an outdoor kitchen built into the side of a house
How To Build an Outdoor Kitchen
Thinking of ways to enhance your backyard? Then build an outdoor kitchen! This is not an over-the-weekend project… it’s going to take a couple of hard weekends to complete. But we’re sure it will be worth the effort.
an outdoor kitchen bar is lit up at night and in the day, with lights on
Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas
The moments shared with loved ones feasting in one's garden or backyard is both delectable and memorable. But, as much as we love those occasions, the hassle of setting up a barbecue party or a simple lunch goes with them. But what if we have a kitchen built just outside our homes?
the diy solar outdoor shower is made from wood and has a blue tarp covering it
DIY Solar Outdoor Shower
Do you like the idea of outdoor showering? If so, you will absolutely love this DIY shower.
an outdoor patio with yellow and gray furniture on it, and the words 5 ideas to upgrade
5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio Experience
Does your outdoor patio need a new look for the season of barbecues and sun tanning? Gear up for the months ahead by giving your outdoor space a refreshing transformation.
an outdoor kitchen is shown with the words how to design an outdoor kitchen bar
How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen Bar
There seems to be a growing trend these days for outdoor kitchen bar projects. This makes sense, since people have increasingly adopted a preference for outdoor living. But the real key to success is a well-thought out plan.
potatoes growing in the garden and on the ground with text overlay that reads grow your own potatoes in a pile of hay
Grow your own potatoes in a pile of hay
There's more than one way to grow potatoes. We share step-by-step instructions for growing your own potatoes in a pile of hay in this article. What we really love about this potato garden idea is that it requires almost none of the common garden setup – not a ‘proper’ garden area or soil, not a lot of space and not even a hoe or a tiller!
the ultimate guide to designing your own garden room in 5 easy steps, including instructions and pictures
Guide to Designing Your Own Garden Room
A garden room is a creative way to add multi-functional space to your property. In addition to being a place to relax close to nature, it can double as a gaming center, art studio, or home office, too. Check out our guide to designing your own garden room in this article.
an outdoor kitchen is built into the side of a house with a blue umbrella over it
Build a Portable Camp Kitchen For Your Next Picnic or Camping Trip
This DIY kitchen is very portable, allowing you to fold it down to fit your camping vehicle easily. It can store all your basic kitchen ingredients, cooking and cleaning equipment. And last, but certainlynot the least, it has expandable parts to give you extra work surface while you're cooking outdoors!
a fire pit sitting on top of a lush green field
Build Your Own Fire Pit Swing Set
Thinking of improving your outdoor living space? If you have a wonderful open space, then this fire pit swing set is perfect for you! A fire pit swing set like this not only adds appeal to your home, but is also a wonderful venue for spending quality time with family and friends
two pictures one has a shed and the other has a small house with windows in it
Not Just a Shed…
To some of us, a shed is just somewhere to stash the lawnmower and junk. To others it’s a potting shed, a sewing or craft room, a bar, a mechanic’s workshop or the wood shop – or any of hundreds of other uses. Here we feature some of the best sheds we’ve come across.
two different views of a coffee table made out of pallet wood and glass bottles
Ten Green Coffee Table
The coffee table is an indispensable part of any good living room setup. Our guest DIYer Roy Shearer shows you how to repurpose discarded household materials to build a Ten Green coffee table in this article.