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two pictures with the words build your own indoor climbing wall and an image of a child on
Build Your Own Indoor Climbing Wall
Now, you do not have to spend a per-hour membership fee to go wall climbing. Install a wall in your house and sweat it out any time and any day!
how to sew kids dino tails with this easy sewing pattern and instructions for them
How to Sew Kids Dino Tails
Dino tails keep kids entertained. While you get to practice your craft skills, you rev up your kids' imagination.
how to make a mini steam boat with candles and wood for the interior or outside
How to Make a Mini Steam Boat
This DIY project is neat toy and experiment in one. This mini steam boat is a great opportunity to merge learning with play.
a collage of photos showing sand and toys in the yard, with text overlay that reads 10 sandpit ideas for your home
10 Sandpit Ideas for Your Home
Stimulate your children’s senses with an outdoor play that encourages them to be active. Sandpits use a classic play approach to develop motor and social skills. There are many sandpits in the market, but you can always make them from scratch, which is relatively easy to make. Child-friendly sandboxes can be achieved through the help of high-quality materials, tools matched with your resourcefulness, of course, skill! Get inspired with these DIYers’ completed sandpit project and start planning your own!
two pictures with different colored pencils in them and the words shampoo bottle pencil holder
Shampoo Bottle Pencil Holder
Households go through bottles and bottles of shampoo. Though this bath product is a necessity, its plastic packaging is not particularly healthy for the environment. Chip in a small part of the green movement by giving your empty bottles a new purpose. Show your creativity and resourcefulness by turning them into a nifty pencil holder that you or your children can put to good use.
there are pictures of old fashioned toys in the kitchen and on the play kitchen set
Turn an Old Nightstand into a Play Kitchen
Read about this awesome upcycling project that transformed an old beaten-down nightstand into a colorful kitchen play set. Get ideas from other DIYers’ finished outcomes, as well as our user-friendly guide so you can build and design a unique cooking model with your little one.
homemade tic taco toe game made out of rocks and strawberries on it
DIY Tic Tac Toe Game
A fun outdoor DIY Tic Tac Toe Game is just what your backyard is missing. With old scrap boards, pebbles and other stuff lying around, you get both a decorative and interactive piece that your family and guests can enjoy. Let those creative juices flow and share the fun with our DIY Tic Tac Toe guide.
kids playing in a tree house with the text how to build your own backyard zip line
How to Build Your Own Backyard Zip Line
Need an exciting and fun activity for your kids at home this weekend? Backyard zipline is a perfect activity for those who are looking for some adrenaline. Turn your backyard into a thrill zone and get them ready for hours of ziplining. Make a DIY backyard zipline.
four different types of pipe cleaner finger puppets with text overlay that says diy pipe cleaner finger puppets
DIY Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets
With just a few materials, your kids will enjoy making these DIY pipe cleaner finger puppets. This would be a great activity during kiddie parties, too!
a slide that is in the grass next to a brick wall
Build a Rolling Pipe Slide For Your Backyard
Want a slide that the kids will enjoy for many years, no matter how tall they get? We found this great gem of an idea for a rolling pipe slide.
two pictures of children playing in a play house with slide and swing set on the grass
Outdoor Playhouses to Inspire a Child’s Imagination!
These outdoor playhouses will make you want to be a kid again. Get your inspiration here and build one yourself!
two pictures, one with scissors and the other with fish puppets
DIY Clothespin Puppets
When you and your kids are stuck indoors, it’s best to keep them occupied. Keep them away from their gadgets and do something fun instead. All it takes is a little imagination -- and a lot of clothespins!
there are pictures of different toys in the room
PVC Pipe Projects for Your Kids to Enjoy
Are you thinking of ways to entertain and bond with your kids during the summer? Sure there are plenty of places you can go for an adventure. But you can make summer as much or even more fun at home with these PVC pipe projects!
several different pictures of stuffed animals in an animal cage and on the floor, with text overlay that reads diy stuffed animal zoo
DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo
If you’re a parent, you’ll know how stuffed toys seem to both miraculously multiply and migrate to every corner of the house. They’ll even sometimes make a break for freedom and somehow manage to get as far as the yard! The solution? Build a stuffed animal zoo. Here's how.
the moon shaped cradle is made out of wood and has stars on it's sides
DIY Moon Shaped Cradle
Are you expecting your first child? Here’s a DIY project that will take your little one to the moon.