Find the perfect companion with a Yorkie dog breed. Learn about their adorable features, playful personality, and how they can bring joy and happiness to your life.
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16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Yorkshire Terriers

Been thinking about adopting a dog? Get any dog except Yorkshire Terries! It's a horror having them and we want to save you from making a horrific mistake. We don't have any idea how people adore them, they are the worst! Here are 18 reasons why you should never own such creepy creatures. #1 Yorkshire...Read More

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32 Best Toys for Yorkshire Terriers

Stuffed animals Pillow Other bassets toy Rope toys Bag of shoes A yellow rubber duck… Socks… Kids slippers… Sweatshirts… A tube sock with a knot tied in the middle…. Rug Clothes hangers Kong stuffed alligator Socks, water bottles, towels Cardboard Lamb chop An empty plastic water bottle (with label and top removed) Anything that belongs...Read More

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