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Take your storytelling to the next level with a comprehensive guide on crafting captivating magic systems. Learn how to create unique and compelling magical elements that will enchant readers and bring your story to life.
The background is white. There is a black circle with the moon phases on top of it, as well as hands which are covered with sparkles to appear magical. The text on the pin says: “A world building guide: things to consider if you want to create a magic system that actually works! Read more“. Through clicking on the pin you can get to my blog post which talks about this topic. Creating A Magic System, Magic System Questions, Magic Systems Writing, World Building Writing, World Building Ideas, Magic System Ideas, Magic Types, Fantasy World Building, Fantasy Writing

World Building Guide: Creating a Magic System that actually works!

There are so many things you could ask yourself during your world-building process, and creating a magic system will probably be one of them! Click on the pin and learn more about creating a captivating magic system that actually works! Learn more about world-building, creating characters, and establishing legitimate rulers by checking out my creative writing blog!

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how to create a magic system for your fantasy novel

The most important thing I’ve learned as a fantasy writer is to create a magic system for your fictional world that makes sense and is unique In today’s post, I’m sharing some questions you can ask yourself about creating a magic system for your fantasy world to help inspire your creative writing.

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