Writing a book review

Learn how to write a compelling book review that will engage readers and help them discover new books. Follow these expert tips to become a book review pro.
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Do you love spreading the word about your favorite authors? Here are some simple steps to writing a book review that is sure to communicate to others how much you love your latest read (or don’t!). 1. Include an Image of the Cover The image draws in your fellow reader. Yes, they are judging the book by the cover, so …

Paula Petunia
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For some reason, many people who would not hesitate to leave a Yelp review for a restaurant or a physical product review on Amazon are more reluctant to write book reviews. Perhaps it reminds us too much of the school assignments of our childhood. Perhaps people think that book reviewers need some kind of qualifications. Well, I am here to tell you that your perspective as a reader is valuable both to authors and to your fellow readers. This is true regardless of your background or grades in…

Tiffani Scott