Wound dressing

Discover effective wound dressing techniques and tips to promote healing and prevent infections. Learn how to properly care for wounds and accelerate the recovery process with the right dressing.
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Hydrogel wound dressing uses immune system proteins to kill bacteria

It's no secret that the more we use antibiotics, the greater the chances that bacteria will develop a resistance to them. A new antibacterial wound dressing is designed to get around that problem, by using proteins instead of regular antibiotics.

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Dressing Change Tips Every Clinician Should Know to Help Prevent MARSI

By Margaret Heale RN, MSc, CWOCN Wounds are dressed every day, and much goes into the choices that are made to properly apply wound dressings. The condition of the periwound skin should be a major factor in the decisions made, as injuring this area can extend the wound and cause considerable pain. Tape removal is one of the most painful areas of wound care.1

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