Worksheets for class 1

Explore a wide range of interactive worksheets designed specifically for class 1 students. Enhance their learning experience and make studying fun with these educational resources.
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Activities for the Five Senses for Preschool

Hone your kids five senses sensibility by practicing through these printable activities for the five senses for preschool that we have collected in the finest quality! The worksheets are available in the following images below.

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Verb to be Worksheets for Grade 1

We have prepared a list of worksheets with key based on Verb to be concept for Grade 1. It contains 4 pages. You can download the PDF below, Download: Verb to be Worksheets for Grade 1

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In this worksheet, Ss need to write the missing letters into the gaps and they need to check the correct written forms of the numbers. This way, Ss' attention will be drawn to the way the numbers written. - ESL worksheets

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Before & After Numbers Class 1 Maths Worksheet

First Grade Math Worksheets of addition, subtraction, place value, measurement, number, data handling, money and more for CBSE, NCERT, IB, Common core curricula