Wool pennies

Explore a collection of creative and cozy wool penny crafts and projects. Get inspired to make unique and charming creations using wool pennies.
Penny Rugs and More: How to Stitch a Penny Rug; The "3 stack" with a "personal backing" Patchwork, Primitive, Quilts, Quilting, Penny Rug Patterns, Wool Quilts, Quilt, Wool Applique Patterns, Wool Applique

Order a pre-cut kit, including threads and needles, and make a penny rug; Penny Rug Kits Figure 1. THE BACK-STITCH; Use a back-stitch to begin. I use enough thread to completely stitch around both the 1 inch and the 1 1/2 inch combined, you will have to measure a few pieces of thread and stitch, in order to find the length that is right for your stitch sizes. You can do this first back stitch in either the first or second penny of the stack, your preference. I begin here with the 1 1/2 inch…

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