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Explore a collection of unique and creative wood book ideas that will delight any bookworm. From handcrafted wooden book covers to innovative bookshelf designs, find inspiration to enhance your reading experience.

Have you ever heard of a xylothek? A few days ago someone had posted an image on Pinterest that piqued my curiosity ~ as the link didn't work, I did some more research myself. The word xylothek is Greek and breaks down to the following: xylon = tree and theke = storing place. So, a xylothek is a collection of wood specimens placed together in some kind of cupboard. {images from here} The first three images shown are from the wooden library at Alnarp, Sweden ~ there are 217 volumes in the…

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Personalized Book Page Holder, Gift Custom, Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Valentines Day Gift, Boyfriend Gifts, Gift for Husband. This book accessory is PERSONALIZED with 4 colors and your initials engraved. Its really soft and useful for people who loves to read. ADVANTAGES: 1. One size fits all. 2. Your fingers will not be fatigued anymore. 3. No more damage on book spine using the page holder. 4. You can read the books comfortable lying on the couch, having a free hand for drinking tea…

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Xylobooks, by Gary Robbins of Container Corps, are some seriously heavy-duty notebooks made from wood scraps from a furniture factory in his local Portland, OR. The books "marry old-school bookbinding methods with a clean, modern aesthetic that emphasizes the tactile nature of the materials," connecting the wood to the paper...

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