Wild rabbit

Create the perfect home for your wild rabbit with these captivating enclosure ideas. Explore different designs and features to provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for your furry friend.

You might overlook symbolic rabbit meanings because it seems to be such a small, timid creature. Bad idea. Rabbits offer big lessons about being more aware of our environment and protecting ourselves if we sense a threat. Rabbits are also a symbol of fertility, family and new life. Check out all rabbit meanings here.

Gayle Casey
Baby English wild rabbit by Mark Philpott, via Flickr

Young wild rabbit - photographed in the late spring of 2005 by myself in the grounds surrounding our house. (OK, so it's not Poppy, my house rabbit !) There are probably hundreds of rabbits living around here and although they are not tame are somewhat tolerant of people. Poppy looks quite similar, but the wild bunnies grow up to be quite a bit bigger ! Image taken with Canon 20D SLR with a Canon 400mm L -series image stabilised lens.

Stitching Hen