Wild curly hair

Embrace your natural curls with these wild and beautiful curly hair ideas. Discover how to style and care for your curly hair to achieve a gorgeous and effortless look.
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Arranged To Love (Larry Stylinson)

even though they both had the same 1 question in their minds but none of them dared to ask. . " So...... are you a virgin ? " . and answer to that question was . " Yes. " . they both were cause they never found the right person or the time for that. So yeah two perfect strangers both 25 & virgin and they were getting married to each other. Because it was Arranged; arranged by their families and they were "Arranged To Love" each other.

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Redheads: From Being Feared To A Beautiful Miracle

By: Alexandra Bricker Have you ever heard someone say that gingers have no soul? It's a joke now, but it wasn't always. Did you know that Ancient Greeks thought that redheads would turn into vampires after we died? Yeah! They allegedly staked us in the heart right after we died to prevent us from coming back. In Ancient Egypt, redheads were buried alive as sacrifice to the god Osiris. Ironically, since I was a child, I've been in love with Ancient Egyptian culture and I wouldn't have lasted…

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