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At the farthest reaches of Earth, in the coldest waters on the planet, lives a two-ton beast with thick tusks that measure more than three feet long-the mighty walrus. Don't be fooled by its gigantic size and odd appearance-a walrus isn't a slow, lazy creature that lies around the ice all day. These animals spend most of their time in the water, where they are strong and skilled swimmers.Feel a Meal: A walrus' snout is covered with 400 to 700 long, thick whiskers, which are arranged in about…

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If there is one wildlife family that's closest to mankind, it's the canids! Man's best friend, the dog itself, evolved from the largest wild canid, the Grey Wolf, and has another 35 of its wild cousins spread across the world except Antarctica. Canids are as diverse as they are adaptable, having evolved precise features to suit their lifestyles and habitats, such as the disproportionately large ears of the Fennec Fox to dissipate body heat in the desert, the dense white fur of the Arctic Fox…

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The most successful hunter in Africa isn't a lion or some other big cat. It's a dog that's about the size of a golden retriever. The African wild dog nails its prey about nine out of ten times. These dogs run in packs, attacking victims from different angles and leaving no way to escape. This wild dog is an endurance champ. It's able to chase grazing animals for long distances until the victims tire and become an easy kill for the hungry pack.Long Distance Runner: Instead of sprinting after…

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To anyone in Africa, the sight of a hippopotamus means one thing-run! When left alone, this creature is usually harmless, but the slightest agitation can send the hippo into a rampage. Although it's a vegetarian, this massive beast attacks intruders and kills more people in Africa every year than lions or crocodiles.Big Mouth: The hippo can open its huge mouth to an incredible 150° angle. Equipped with thick, lower canine teeth that can reach 28 inches in length, the hippo's jaws are…

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Not quite as big as King Kong, the mountain gorilla is still one big ape. Most of the time, this creature is a gentle giant, but like the movie monster it can turn ferocious. Mountain gorillas live in family groups led by a huge male, and spend most of their days eating plants and resting. If an intruder comes along, the male leader springs into action and puts on a terrifying display of anger and strength to chase away any threats.Going Gray: A large male always takes the lead of a mountain…

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If there's one thing the impala knows how to do, it's "follow the herd." This graceful animal lives in groups with up to 100 others to help protect it from Africa's deadliest predators. If chased by an enemy, the impala shows off its impressive track skills, darting away at high speeds and even leaping clear over its attacker if necessary. Impala herds help refresh Africa's grasslands by grazing on tall grasses during the annual event known as the "great migration." Hard Headed: Long, ringed…