White spots on toenails

Learn about the common causes of white spots on toenails and discover effective remedies to get rid of them. Take care of your toenails and achieve healthier, spot-free nails.
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Medically speaking, those little white marks that sometimes appear as dots or lines on finger and toenails are known as leukonychia. They are usually benign and due to an injury, an allergy, or a vitamin deficiency. For the most part, you...

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DIY Nail Whitener!!: baking soda Nail whitener - Baking soda can be used to clean the nail and eliminate the fungus on them. Baking soda will naturally exfoliate the nails while the hydrogen peroxide will brighten and whiten them. you will need baking soda, hydrogen per…

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Step into elegance with our collection of 40 classy wedding toe nail designs, perfect for brides and bridesmaids! From simple and neutral tones to sparkling designs, these toe nail ideas are sure to add a touch of glamour to any bridal party. Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid, get inspired with these stunning designs and elevate your wedding look with a dash of sophistication. 💅👰✨

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