Whiskey stones

Enhance the flavor and aroma of your whiskey with whiskey stones. Discover the best whiskey stones to keep your drink chilled without diluting it, and take your whiskey enjoyment to the next level.
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Many whiskey aficionados swear that whisky is best enjoyed at room temperature. However, when they say this, they usually mean “room temperature” in a cold castle somewhere in Scotland, which may be anywhere between 15 to 18 degrees celsius (widely considered to be the temperature at which whiskey should be consumed). For people living in a warmer climate, drinking a glass of whiskey at room temperature simply isn’t as enjoyable. It tends to taste a little harsher and the flavour […]

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There's no better feeling than giving a gift you're proud of. Seeing the look on their face when they unwrap a gift you worked long and hard on is payback in itself. I, myself have a few gifts I've given in the past, as well as gifts I have on my list for some upcoming events that I can't wait to hand off. Here are my top 20 #giftideas for this #holidayseason!1. Map's Rock Glasses - These are my new favorite gift that keeps on giving! I got these for my boyfriend last year, one for each of…

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✔️ Premium Quality Whiskey Gifts For Men – Whiskey glasses set are made from deluxe elegance glass. These are the perfect gift for any whiskey or scotch drinker or Birthdays Fathers Day Christmas present for family, friends & other loved ones – leave an impression that lasts forever ✔️ Perfect Size For Best Drinking Experience – Set of 4 Whiskey glasses 10 oz capacity, unique design adds comfort to holding the glass. Each bourbon glass is large enough for standard whiskey ice stones ✔️ Heat…