Western saddles

Explore a wide range of Western saddles to enhance your horseback riding experience. Choose the perfect saddle that provides comfort and style for your equestrian adventures.
LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I WILL HAVE THIS SADDLE SOMEDAY!!!! :) Rats, Animais, Cute Horses, Cheval, Caballos, Equitation, Beautiful Horses, Pretty Horses, Horse Love

Recently, I was in a tack shop and while browsing through the bridle selection I discovered a bridle with an inlay of hair-on cowhide. I thought it was kind of neat, it had simple buckles and was done in a buckaroo style with the flaring cheekpieces. It looked very rustic. Later, while browsing on eBay I started to run across pieces that were not only embellished with cowhide, but also had been attacked by the crazed Be-Dazzler person! It seems that nothing is safe from this deranged…

Cassie Hulett