Weird fiction

Dive into the realm of weird fiction and discover strange and captivating stories that will leave you questioning reality. Uncover the top authors and works in this unique genre and let your imagination run wild.
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20 Unusual Books for Quirky Readers

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Worlds of Nightmare: The Dark Art of Aeron Alfrey - Michael Trevino, Thomas Ligotti, The Veldt, Harlan Ellison, Horror Book Covers, Weird Fiction, Scary Stories To Tell, Horror Book, Horror Books

Worlds of Nightmare: The Dark Art of Aeron Alfrey

by Oliver Sheppard Visual artist Aeron Alfrey has furnished illustrations for books about horror authors like HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Thomas Ligotti. Alfrey’s meticulously detailed nightmare worlds are crammed with denizens of all varieties, densely peopled with black and white monsters like an unholy mash-up between the medieval apocalypses of Heironymus Bosch and the […]

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