Weight watchers enchiladas

Discover mouthwatering and nutritious enchiladas recipes that are perfect for your weight loss journey. Try these guilt-free dishes and enjoy a flavorful meal while staying on track with your weight watchers plan.
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Enchiladas are my favorite food to order at Mexican restaurants and when I saw this recipe for white chicken enchiladas, I was intrigued because I'm so used to the red or green enchiladas sauce. White chicken enchiladas use a roux made with flour, butter, and chicken broth. Greek yogurt or sour cream is added into...Read On →

Mary Hawley
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I have some exciting news! Are you ready for it?? These enchiladas are only 4 points each! (Click here to view your WW Points and track it on your app.) Let me just tell you that I only ate one and I was full. If you're having one of those hungry days then these are

Kelly Sutton
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I've begun making my enchiladas casserole style, which saves a lot time, not to mention burned fingers. :) However, everyone still raves over my enchiladas, and this recipe recently earned a round of applause when I made them on a skiing holiday. The sauce is actually a modified Alfredo recipe and is also great over fajitas.

Dawn Burgess