Wedgwood blue

Transform your space with elegant Wedgwood Blue home decor. Discover top ideas to infuse this classic color into your interior design and create a sophisticated atmosphere.
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The classic designs of Wedgwood ceramics have graced tabletops and adorned homes throughout the world for centuries, boasting a wealth of remarkable history and marvelous detail. Sought after for its inspired artistry and elegance, each piece of Wedgwood is unique and treasured by all who have the good fortune to delight in its beauty. The

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2019 marked over two centuries since Josiah Wedgwood decided to plant our roots into the clay-rich soil of Stoke-on-Trent, inspiring generations around the world to be creative and colourful when it came to styling their tables and their homes. </br></br>Steeped in this rich heritage, over 260 wonderful years later Wedgwood continues to be renowned for high-quality and innovative British design, bringing a timeless eclecticism to today’s modern home.