Wedding Garter

Complete your wedding attire with a unique wedding garter that adds a touch of elegance and tradition. Explore top ideas to find the perfect garter for your wedding day.

For some brides and grooms, there is no question of leaving aside the traditions of marriage, even though today, the ceremonies are modernizing more willingly and spend those customs. This is for example the case of the Garter. Check out some chic and romantic wedding garters we love handmade by trusted designers. Read on for some...

Melinda Meyer
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Are you thinking about a wedding garter or something to love from your wedding? Are you thinking about an heirloom that will be special, that will be meaningful, that you can pass down to your daughter? But, you aren't quite so sure about the whole wedding garter tradition? Maybe you've heard about the garter toss at a wedding reception, and you just aren't into that at all! And, you wonder: what is the purpose of a wedding garter anyway? Well, you've come to the right blog post! I am here…

Solange Michaeli Porto