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Enhance the aesthetic of your home with beautiful weaving rug ideas. Explore creative ways to incorporate weaving rugs into your decor and bring warmth and texture to any room.
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This project has been on my list for a long time. But with all projects, that are meant as personal, they tend to slowly slip down the to-do list. Now the time has come, though, and I finally got to make this rug for my bathroom. It’s supposed to lay next to the bathtub and soak the water off our wet feet. But it does

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I get asked ‘what else can you weave besides wall hangings’ all the time. I love a pop of texture on a wall, but I know that once your walls fill up, you probably want another use for weaving. The good news is that weaving has so many practical and decorative uses, so you will never run out of proje

This is from my free series on weaving with fabric strips, I show you how to weave fabric using tapestry techniques. #learntoweave #weaving #weavingwithfabric #tapestry Diy, Crochet, Weaving Looms, Weaving Textiles, Weaving Patterns, Weaving Projects, Weaving Loom Diy, Weaving Techniques, Fabric Weaving

I grew up sewing and that's what drew me to weaving so many years ago. I'm just as happy in a fabric shop as a yarn shop. And I spend too much money in both places. Do you have a stash of fabric that's aching to try something new? Come on with me and use it up weaving a beautiful handwoven tapestry. Weaving with fabric is often called rag weaving, but I like to refer to it as fabric weaving. You can use fabric you've got on hand... or if you're as bad as me... rationalize buying more because…

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