Wavy to curly hair

Discover the best wavy to curly hair styles to enhance your natural beauty. From loose waves to tight curls, find the perfect hairstyle to rock your locks and make heads turn.
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The Wavy Hair method is a modified version of the "Curly Girl Method." There are KEY differences between wavy hair and curly hair. This is the Curly Girl Method (CGM) for Wavy Hair. Learn about your wavy hair here!

Glenda Clawson
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Everyone wants something a little different than what they get, or so the old adage goes. It’s common for people with naturally wavy hair to want to know how to make wavy hair curlier. Maybe they’re a 2a looking to achieve 2c waves. Maybe they’re a 2c looking to step into the 3-range with “real” […]

Philomena Labat