Watercolour tattoos

Discover the beauty of watercolour tattoos and get inspired by the vibrant and artistic designs. Find the perfect watercolour tattoo that expresses your unique style and personality.
Colorful explosion of imagination from a book, tattoo ideas | www.otziapp.com

Colorful explosion of imagination from a book, tattoo ideas | www.otziapp.com

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Aren’t watercolor tattoos just the most ethereal? It’s as if they were just in someone’s sketchbook, and now they’re on your skin. Their gentle splashes of color create an image of softness, something anyone would like to take a closer look at, really. They’re just the most enchanting and delicate tattoos out there. And that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of them. Here’s the proof - our second article dedicated to watercolor tattoo ideas!

Belinda Brown
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Street Tattoo is a studio based in Franconville, Ile-De-France, France. Klaim was a designer from a young age, as he touched all tehniques of drawing, paintng, web design, computer graphics and graffitti. Trough tattoing he rediscovered his sources: illustration, comics and paiting. His work is amazing ...

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