Watercolor mixing

Unlock the secrets of watercolor mixing and enhance your paintings with vibrant hues. Explore essential tips and techniques to create stunning watercolor blends that bring your artwork to life.
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You’ve seen them... Right ? Those beautiful looking watercolor charts with a rainbow of fantastic colors. It’s only natural that you want to make one yourself. That’s exactly how I felt when I began my adventure into watercolors. So I looked for a simple tutorial about how to make my own watercolor mixing chart. But

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I know we can find examples of these color charts as visual images all over the internet but without some sort of explanation to accompany them, I found it pretty confusing! In fact, when I began studying them, what I thought was a basic color chart turned out not to be so basic after all. Now that

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A limited palette of watercolors does not have to be limiting! Yes… I’m kind of pleased with myself for that sentence! But it’s true. You’ll be happy to know you don’t need that luxury box set of 80 colors to get fabulous mixing results with watercolors. However, it does take a little bit of care

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