Washroom sink ideas

Transform your washroom with these creative and stylish sink ideas. Find inspiration to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space.
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What is an Undermount bathroom sink An undermount bathroom sink is a sink that is installed underneath the surrounds as opposed to an overmount which is installed from the top. This design means that your sink is flush with the counter material, meaning less chance of food debris being caught in between. Aesthetically, undermount sinks … What’s an Undermount Sink? 2021 Guide to Undermount Sinks with Examples Read More »

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Take a tour of Stapati founder Tony Joseph's home in Kozhikode - ELLE DECOR Bathroom Interior Design, Interior, Interior Design, Basin Design, Hall Interior Design, Dinning Room Design, Modern Bathroom, Bathroom Design Decor, Washbasin Design

The drive up to the hilltop Montana Estates, just 23 minutes from Kozhikode city centre, presents a winding landscape with several arterial routes. One of which leads straight to the doorstep of celebrated architect Tony Joseph. Everyone in town seems familiar with him and the home he’s lived in for just over a year. (“Oh, …

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