Voronoi diagram

Explore the fascinating world of Voronoi diagrams and how they can be used in various fields such as computer graphics, data visualization, and urban planning. Get inspired by top ideas and applications of Voronoi diagrams.
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Hand-Drawn Voronoi Diagrams: If you are into modern art, architecture, digital fabrication, or even geography then there is a good chance that you have stumbled across something called a Voronoi diagram. These honeycomb-like, asymmetric, mesh shapes are used in many types of ma…

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Voronoi Diagram application in three-dimensional structural surface... | Download Scientific Diagram Generative Design Architecture, Conceptual Model Architecture, Interior Architecture Drawing, Architecture Concept Diagram, Architecture Building Design, Architecture Visualization, Voronoi Diagram, Architectural Section, Futuristic Design

Download scientific diagram | Voronoi Diagram application in three-dimensional structural surface discretization; Vertical Village, Yushang Zhang, Rajiv Sewtahal, Riemer Postma and Qianqian Cai project, 2011; a – object visualization; b – block diagram; c – rules for generating Voronoi divisions into residential units from publication: Voronoi diagrams – architectural and structural rod structure research model optimization | In modern design architecture there is an interesting trend of…

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