Volcano roll sushi

Learn how to make mouthwatering volcano roll sushi at home with these easy-to-follow recipes. Impress your friends and family with this flavorful and visually stunning dish.
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Volcano Roll Sushi Recipe {with A Lava Topping}

The Volcano Roll is highly addictive and will definitely blow your mind! It’s made with seafood, avocado, and crunchy cucumber rolled in seaweed sheet and sushi rice, with an incredibly delicious spicy lava topping. This recipe is easy to make and I’ll share with you the secrets on how to make a mouth-watering lava topping!

Nikki Quesinberry
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How to Make Volcano Sushi Rolls - Half-Scratched

Volcano rolls are delicious with fresh seafood, cucumber, and avocado rolled with nori and sushi rice and then topped with spicy mayonnaise. While you can get it at most sushi restaurants, you can make it at home for a more affordable price. Here is how to make volcano sushi rolls at home.

Amanda Jenkins