Vocabulary development activities

Discover fun and interactive activities to enhance vocabulary development. Boost your language skills with these engaging activities and expand your word knowledge.
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Back when I was a student, there is only one vocabulary activity I can ever remember doing in class or for homework. It was looking up the word in the dictionary, writing the definition, and using the word in a sentence. I can recall this assignment itself (probably because of the sheer number of times I had to do it), but ask me how many of those actual words I am able to remember. Couldn’t tell you a single one, to be honest!

Vanessa Reddy
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“Hey kids, it’s time to practice our new vocabulary words.” Can you hear the moans and groans?Practicing vocabulary is boring (according to kids) but when you add in dice, it becomes a game! I call it Roll a Word! It’s easy peasy to implement! For each vocabulary students roll a die. The number they […]

Stacy Robertson
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Sure… labeling pictures is a fun and cute writing activity for your beginning writers but there are more reasons to label all the pictures than that! Stage of Writing Labeling pictures is an actual developmental stage of emergent writers. Many children will initially share their stories or ideas through pictures and then begin to ... Read More about Labeling Pictures in Kindergarten & Beyond

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