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Build your ultimate vinyl record collection with these must-have ideas. Explore unique ways to display and organize your records, and take your music listening experience to the next level.
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The results are in. Over the past month or so, hundreds of VF readers from around the world sent in photographs of their record collections for our competition. With a brand new Rega turntable and a copy of Dust & Grooves up for grabs for winner and runner-up respectively, many readers went to great lengths to make their […]

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Sell and Buy – Look Up the Value of Old Vinyl Records | Vinyl record collectors often want to find out the value of certain records in their collection. There are two primary places to look up vinyl record values, but each resource has several drawbacks. If you are looking to sell, or buy records you should use both resources before selling or buying. The two primary resources: vinyl record guide books, and eBay. Vinyl record guide books can be a valuable resource when looking up the prices…

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Many older generations (and yes, that now includes millennials) feel personally attacked by vinyl record art. But in truth, those sacred vinyls just aren’t as significant to younger crowds. Besides, many of these vinyl artists do try to source the records ethically through dollar bins. They sometimes buy blank vinyls online, or scratched vinyls that

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