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Explore a world of nostalgia with vintage LEGO sets and collectibles. Find rare and unique pieces to add to your collection and relive childhood memories.
Space Buggy, 1979.  Another early Space Lego kit.  Simple, but fairly affordable even to a ten-year-old. Vintage, Legos, Classic Lego, Old Lego Sets, Classic Toys, Vintage Lego, Retro Toys, Sake, Cool Lego

886 Space Buggy is a Classic Space set released in 1979. It contains a space rover and a white Classic Space astronaut. It is also included in 1983 Space Value Pack. The Space Buggy is a small Classic Space set. The Buggy has a steering wheel, a radio antenna, and an Oxygen Tank in front. It has four small wheels for climbing hills. In Classic Space, explorers, colonists, and space pilots traveled the stars, exploring, mining, and colonizing. Brickset Lugnet Peeron See current value on…