Vintage edison bulbs

Create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere in your home with vintage Edison bulbs. Explore our top ideas for incorporating these charming bulbs into your lighting decor.
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Illuminate your space with vintage charm! Our adjustable pendant light combines brass and metal for durability, featuring a black finish and adjustable cable. Perfect for retro dining areas, entryways, or living rooms, it invites you to DIY your ideal illumination with various Edison bulbs.

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Antique lights, or Edison Bulbs, have recently become incredibly popular. You can find these cool looking bulbs everywhere, from your favorite restaurant to DIY steampunk lamps and costumes. However, in the midst of this new found lighting love, some are becoming disappointed by the amount of brightness emitted from th

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Check out those huge Edison vintage light bulbs! | 15 inch Nostalgic Oversize Grand Light Bulb | 60 Watt Mega Vintage Bulb Edison Lighting, Rustic Lighting, Antique Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Cool Lighting, Interior Lighting, Lighting Ideas, House Lighting, Lighting Design

What’s the deal with those mega, oversized, grandiose vintage bulbs? well, they are big, I mean really big. They are larger than life big that evoke a sense of grandeur and vintage charm. These bulbs feature an exaggerated size, like 15 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter, and intricate filament designs, making them a striking centerpiece in any lighting fixture or decorative setting. The look is amazing! Just imagine the beauty and glow of the original Edison bulbs but super-sized…

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