Video game organization

Keep your video game collection in order with these genius organization ideas. Find the best methods to store, display, and categorize your favorite games for easy access and a clutter-free gaming space.
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I wanted to find plans for a nice looking video game console shelf for my son’s 17 video game consoles (and counting). The console shelving unit from the plan on the website I used as a guide utilized routered cuts in the sides to attach the shelves. I decided to use pocket hole screws since I have a pocket hole kit and they have been extremely strong in perpendicular joining from the few projects I have completed so far.

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If you play video games - or live with someone who does - you know corralling all the controllers can be a pain. You want them out for easy access, but not cluttering up your end tables. I'm a fan of wall mounts to free up horizontal spaces, so after a little googling I found these clever stick-on wall brackets from Playstation: They cost $16 for the pair, though. Harrumph. So how about we DIY a set of five brackets for just a dollar? Yep, that's it, one buckaroo. Here's how my one dollar…

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