Victorian crafts

Explore a collection of beautiful Victorian crafts ideas that will inspire DIY enthusiasts. Get creative and add a touch of vintage charm to your home with these classic craft projects.
15 Sewing Projects Inspired by the Victorian Era | These vintage patterns are inspired by the Victorian era! Diy, Vintage Sewing Patterns, Quilting, Vintage Sewing, Sewing Projects, Vintage, Cosplay, Couture, Sew Ins

Named after the reign of Queen Victoria (Jun 20, 1837 – Jan 22, 1901), the Victorian era brought styles like corsets, cage crinolines, and bustles into mainstream fashion, while rich and luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk were used in upper-class homes. In the spirit of everything Victorian, we've created a collection, 17 Free Victorian Sewing Patterns. With these amazing sewing projects inspired by old-world royalty, you can time travel back to the late 1800s without leaving your sewing…