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Enhance reading skills and foster a love for literature in upper elementary students with these engaging reading activities. Explore top ideas to inspire young readers and help them develop a lifelong passion for books.
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Science of reading activities can be so helpful for students of all ages. Reading is an essential skill to have in order to succeed in school and life. It’s not just about being able to read the words, it’s about understanding what you are reading and connecting those ideas with what you already know.

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Why don't we use round robin in guided reading anymore? There are a few reasons that teachers continue to use this practice, and a few reasons that we shouldn't. Read about what guided reading looks like without round robin, how to implement this best practice, and how to make it effective for all of your kids, whether they're in kindergarten or upper elementary! #guidedreading #bestpractice

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Whether you call them literacy centers or literacy stations, big kids at the upper elementary level love center time and get so much out of it! How do literacy centers benefit kids? They add variety to learning and to the routine. They allow teachers to easily differentiate learning. They are a great way to help cover and reinforce all of the standards. They give students a place to practice important social skills, like collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. So how do you set up…

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How are you teaching your students to be fluent readers in upper elementary? This skill is a vitally important precursor for efficiency and comprehension and can give a great leg-up in state testing! Check out my FREE reading fluency lesson series to get your #upperelementary students on their way to becoming fluent readers in no time.

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Perfect paragraph writing, every time. A simple, step-by-step process to writing clear, well-crafted paragraphsin upper elementary. GET ACCESS Maintaining a work-life balance as a teacher can be impossible if you don’t have the right resources. Upper elementary teachers are usually… Lesson planning forand grading multiple subjects Reinventing the wheel due to poor school curriculums Juggling fartoo […]

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