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Discover how to transform old pieces into unique and stylish jewelry with these creative DIY ideas. Get inspired to create your own upcycled accessories and make a fashion statement.
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Turn Clothespins Into Wirework Jewelry! (No Tools Needed.)

I have seen various ways to use clothespins for jewelry, but I don't think I've ever seen this particular idea. I was playing around with clothespin springs, and was delighted by this design. Aw, aren't they cute? In addition to such simple, one-bead pendants, there be earrings... There be fancy statements... And even more fancy statements! Best of all, the basic unit requires just a bead, a clothespin...five seconds...NO TOOLS. Resistance? Futile. Here comes the DIY. Twist a clothespin…

Joan Harrell
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15 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old and Broken Jewelry

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