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ArtStation - Ice shader for Unreal Engine 4, Denis Blinov Texture, Design, Unreal Engine, Game Development, Engineering, Ice, Opacity, Spheres, Lava Lamp

Did some experiments with ice and decided to create this shader in UE4. It uses two color maps - bottom color map is displaced with parallax oclusion (all that flakes e.t.c. that give the depth effect) and then it is blended with top color map with opacity (cracks, small bubbles e.t.c.). Substance made 100% in Substance Designer. Rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

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[ #UE4 #Environtment ] Alessa Baker has recently published an amazing little product - Stylized Water Shader for UE4 which gives you a... [ #UE4 #Environtment ] Alessa Baker has recently published an amazing little product - Stylized Water Shader for UE4 which gives you a fully customizable, distance field based water for UE4. The shader is able to detect and create variations in liquid based on objects and shorelines. Features: • Environment handler (Wind intensity, direction, on/off) •…

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I created a procedural moisture / rain material with Substance Designer a while ago. I recently created an animated material in Unreal by using two exported tileable 1K texture of this substance. By using material functions, I ended up with tweakable rain material which can be used on opaque and tranclucent materials. I exported 2 sets of 1k normal maps and roughness maps, which are first for drops, second for flow. Within Unreal engine, I variated UV tiles, blended different panner results…

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ArtStation - Realtime Ice Shader Unreal Engine 4, Timothy Cole Animation, Design, Art, Unreal Engine, Game Engine, Game Dev, Game Development, Game Design, Video Game Design

A realtime Ice shader created in Unreal Engine 4 and Substance Designer. I created two different height maps, one for the surface which uses tesellation displacement and one for under the surface which uses Parallax Occlusion mapping to fake looking into a translucent volume. It is built using the Subsurface Shading model.