Typewriter font tattoo

Express your individuality with a typewriter font tattoo. Explore our top ideas for creating a timeless and nostalgic design that will make a statement.
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I learned to type on a Royal portable typewriter of my mother's. At least I think it was a Royal. I know it was portable. As a kid I thought it was pretty darn heavy, but having inherited a non-portable model in the recent past, I appreciate how portable that original really was. Uffda.* They are all heavier than, say... my new 17 inch laptop. Anyway, I wasn't particularly good at typing, having sort of a proclivity for watching my fingers rather than the copy. Sort of meaning "totally."…

Nano Sánchez
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Probably not everyone has had one but I remember very well using this object for my reports when I was in school and for making the labels on my cassette tapes look neat: the typewriter. Now we use the computer or laptop for reports and letters and you will not be bothered if you make a mistake, you can remove your typo with a click of a mouse. When using a typewrite however it's a whole other story! I had to use special white ink, tipp-ex or a correction roller for example. It's also not a…

Claudia van Schie