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Learn the art of typewriting and improve your typing skills with these tips and techniques. Discover how to type faster and more accurately to enhance your productivity.
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Guest Reporters show off their favorite vintage, antiques & collectibles places & events to shop. From little hidden gems in small towns to huge shows around the world. Discover new places, find out what others look for when they shop, and mark them on your map of "must visit" places. Do you have a local "Vintage Hot Spot" to shop, that you want to share with Vintage Indie readers? Send me your ideas/submissions along with 3 or more photos with the subject Vintage Hot Spot for consideration…

Patti Freeman
200 Important IELTS Words - English Grammar Here English Grammar, Collective Nouns, English Vocabulary Words, Synonyms Chart, English Vocabulary Words Learning, Vocabulary Words, Vocabulary English, English Basic Words, English Vocabulary

200 Most Important IELTS Words List 1.analogy 2.analysis 3.analyze 4.annotate 5.anticipate 6.application 7.apply 8.approach 9.associate 10.assume 11.assumption 12.audience 13.authentic 14.background 15.body 16.brainstorm 17.brief 18.calculate 19.caption 20.category 21.cause 22.character 23.characteristic 24.characterize 25.chart 26.chronology 27.citation 28.cite 29.claim 30.clarify 31.class 32.clue 33.code 34.coherent 35.common 36.compare 37.compile 38.complement 39.complete 40.compose…

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