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Get inspired with creative toy shelf ideas to keep your kids' playroom tidy and organized. Find the perfect toy storage solutions that are both functional and fun.
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Name: Samuel (4) & Lars (1) Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Our only goal in mind for this room was to create a happy and comfortable place for our children. We know it will constantly be changing as they age and discover new interests. Pretty much everything in this room was a gift or a hand-me-down from an aunt or a cousin. The hanging airplanes and the dump truck belonged to my husband as a child. It has been fun to see our children enjoy them like he did.

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In a day and time when people are living in a tizzy from the morning rush hour and from one activity to the next, running on less-than-ideal hours of sleep and busy to-do-list days, organization of the home seems to be an unattainable goal. Clutter fills closets with clothes that “maybe I will wear one day” and attics stacked with boxes of unexplored and unreachable last season’s decorations. Old paper bills and junk mail peek out of desk drawers waiting to be filed or dropped into the…

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