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Achieve strong and toned legs with this effective total leg workout designed for the gym. Discover the best exercises and techniques to maximize your leg training and reach your fitness goals.
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Free 15-min "Monday-Leg Day" workout trains your Legs. Follow this free 6-exercise routine with step-by-step demonstrations for women and men in the WorkoutLabs Fit mobile app ( or in your browser. Enjoy!

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Got social media?? Follow T&T on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! Leg day!! I have a love-hate relationship with leg day... love the pump and the results - hate not being able to walk normally for a few days afterwards... and we've got a lot of stairs in my house! This week's "What I Worked Wednesday" post features one of the leg days I ran through last week. Utilizing mostly barbells and dumbbells we'll hit big, large muscle groups initially and finish with some smaller…

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