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The Top Architectural Firms In The World - What are the world’s best architectural firms? And what does ‘best’ even mean in this context? The largest, the best-known, the one that’s turning over the most money? The following list gives a brief introduction to the top 20 architectural firms in the world, taking into account these and other factors. Some are huge, some are relatively small. There are companies that would be known even to those outside of the profession – step forward…

Douglas Johnston
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This residence is located in Barbarita, a neighborhood in the northern zone of Greater Buenos Aires, and is situated on a plot with a lakefront that allows for complete openness and provides ample views of the surrounding landscape.

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I love hand drawn sketches and scribbles, the idea, the process, the studying and recording of buildings. Also the presentation as I am not a big fan of the photo realism images.

emma pa