Tmnt movie 2016

Experience the thrill and excitement of the TMNT movie released in 2016. Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on their epic adventure as they battle their enemies and save the world. Get ready for non-stop action and entertainment with the iconic heroes in a half-shell.
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TMNT: Red, Maria Denise Brebos

-Back in 2015 i made a collection of the 2014's TMNT movie characters in black and white and only their characteristic color on sight. The "BIG" brother of the 4 with April and on his own. Raphael is the muscle of the group but i always got the "heart muscle" vibe from him. Strong, pumping with energy and full of "oomph"aka FEELINGS!!!!!! ©TMNT 2014 Art by: Maria Denise Brebos