Throne of grace

Experience the transformative power of approaching the throne of grace for comfort and guidance. Discover how seeking grace can bring peace and clarity to your life.
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Through Jesus Christ, we have received the invitation to come boldly to God's Throne of Grace. We are encouraged to come to Him and to keep on coming to His throne, without fear or doubt. It is not because of our own worthiness that this gracious invitation has been available to us. Only through faith in Jesus have we been justified, forgiven, and covered in Christ's perfect Righteousness.

Chris Ferguson
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You stand before God with sweaty palms and a racing heart. He’s asking you only one question: Do you Know and have you accepted My Son? You reply confidently: Yes. Finally, He has granted you entry into heaven. As you are about to enter the golden gates, your friend at school, whom you’ve known for quite sometime, quickly yells something at you. You know that person isn’t a Christian and a deep sorrow sweeps over you as you remember how you tried to just get enough courage to speak to…

Casey Carr