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Fashion Often Draws Inspiration From Nature And This Instagram Account Proves It (30 Pics) Haute Couture, Couture, Nature Dress, Dress, Bird Dress, Fashion Dresses, Fashion Themes, Nature Inspired Fashion, Robe

Many things in life draw inspiration from nature. Technology, architecture, and all almost all things we create are made by observing the natural world around us. This Instagram account called fashion.biologique proves that fashion also looks a lot like fragments of nature. Many clothes designers, especially high-fashion ones, make their clothes look like trees, fish, birds, and many other things that belong in nature.

Mayuri Gupta
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No one creates as beautifully as mother nature. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many artists use nature as a reference. As Kirby Ferguson once said, "everything is just a remix", and this time we see clear comparisons of nature's fragments remixed and used in the fashion industry.