The covenant

Explore the mysterious world of The Covenant and uncover the hidden truths behind this ancient brotherhood. Join us on a thrilling journey through history and discover the power that lies within.
The Covenant (2006) - Rotten Tomatoes Taylor Kitsch, Kyle Schmid, Covenant Movie, Steven Strait, Toby Hemingway, Jessica Lucas, Male Witch, The Fallen Angel, Kate Mara

The Covenant | Rotten Tomatoes

In the 17th century, five families with supernatural powers make a pact of silence. Eventually one power-hungry family is banished. The descendants of those four remaining families are heirs to tremendous power. Known as the Sons of Ipswich, the boys attend elite Spencer Academy. When a student there is found dead after a party, unraveling secrets threaten to shatter the pact that has protected the boys' families for centuries.

Aparecida Viana Martins

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